Getting back to your Goal after a BREAK…

I remember as a kid if I would be adamant about something, I would not let it off so easily. Like the time I wanted to watch a movie in a theatre, I would plan out which theatre I wanted to go to, whom I would want as company, which show I would go to and at times even where I would want to be seated in the theatre to watch the movie. The only easiest part was to make it happen the way I wanted it to. It was only after I grew up, I realised that I was plain persistent about it and not exactly adamant. And this realisation impacted not just my perception towards how I looked at my aspirations versus the actual effort I put into achieving them but also the kind of things I was aspiring to achieve.

As we graduate and walk towards our career path, life teaches us certain lessons that we were never taught at school. One of them being it is alright to take a break if things are getting too hard, fast or even too serious for that matter and to get back at it when we feel better. We then use our expertise to manipulate such supportive theories and adjust them according to our convenience and comfort disrupting the original concept to a level of uncertainty leaving us feeling clueless about what is going to happen to our life.

My thoughts before and after I take a break from something.

When I decided to start writing about my Data Science journey through my learning experiences, I had not planned it as a magnum opus event in my life. Because of which I never really felt bad for not sticking to this little habit for well over two months recently. Neither do I feel the rush to get back to it instantly and change the world with my musings. And yet, when I take a minute to think about it, it pinches me to know that I don’t feel anything when an upcoming routine is disrupted for silly reasons and I continue to be alright with it, instead of getting back to it.

On a serious thought, it is Data Science that helped me realise my follies with respect to breaks and the attitude of letting it be instead of getting back after the break. How I am using it effectively to make changes in my perception and working towards routines is a story for some other time. For now, I would say that if we look back on our patterns and identify triggers that make us avoid continuing something after a break, then we can always help ourselves and get to the better side of life.

Someone who believes in spreading delight using the beauty of story telling, creativity, thinking out of the box and of course writing.

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Shilpa Sri Karra

Shilpa Sri Karra

Someone who believes in spreading delight using the beauty of story telling, creativity, thinking out of the box and of course writing.

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